Garlic Lover's Sea Salt Combination 3-Pack

Caravel Gourmet

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If you can't seem to get enough garlic in your life, or if you know someone who absolutely adores garlic and you're looking for the perfect give, we hear you.

Caravel Gourmet Sea Salt Garlic Lover's 3-pack combines three of our best-selling garlic sea salts so you can stock up quickly on the garlic salts that will give your foods the most flavor. In this collection you'll receive:


A spicy blend of habanero, garlic, and red peppers - for when your need garlic and a spicy kick.


A hugely popular blend of smoked alderwood and garlic, this is amazing on salmon, red meat, poultry, and vegetables.


Full of flavor, this blend of sea salt and minced garlic and onion is great when used to season sauces, vegetables, stews, potatoes, or casserole dishes.

Caravel Gourmet’s specialty salts are crafted here in the USA from exotically-sourced ingredients, so you can become the gourmet chef you’ve always wanted to be.

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