Mushroom Lover's Sea Salt Combination 3-Pack

Mushroom Lover's Sea Salt Combination 3-Pack

Caravel Gourmet

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Mushroom lovers, your sea salt collection has arrived. If you love mushrooms, or know someone who does, Caravel Gourmet's sea salts give you a quick and easy way to give your foods that wonderful, earthy taste and aroma that you crave. In this Mushroom Lover's Sea Salt collection, you'll receive full-size stackable jars of:

TRUFFLE SEA SALT: A finishing salt containing hand-harvested sea salt blended with fragrant pieces of Italian black truffle. With its distinctive, earthy aroma, it’s added to just about everything - eggs, grilled meats, roasted potatoes, meat, and pasta dishes – or on buttered popcorn or french fries for a great treat.

PORCINI SEA SALT: Pure, all natural sea salt and dried premium porcini mushroom give this gourmet sea salt its delicious taste and earthly aroma. Try it on pasta, soups, potatoes, fish, rice, or roasted vegetables, tomatoes, dipping oil, or even as a rub on chicken or meat. It’s the perfect balance of mushroom and salt that makes it great for Mediterranean and Italian dishes. This Sea Salt pairs perfectly with an array of herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage.

CYPRUS MUSHROOM FLAKE: This naturally flaky sea salt from Cyprus is combined with Porcini Mushrooms. This salt is delicious. Try as a finishing salt or as a cooking salt to add savory flavor to steak, baked potatoes, meat or roasted vegetables. This salt is a mushroom lover's favorite!

These flavorful sea salts are also available individually.

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