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Smoked Sea Salt 3-Pack

Caravel Gourmet

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Caravel Gourmet’s long, meticulous smoking process ensures that every grain of sea salt naturally captures that authentic smoky flavor. In this variety pack, you’ll find the following naturally smoked sea salts:


Solar evaporated sea salt is transformed into delicious aromatic Smoked Bacon Sea Salt during our proprietary mixing and smoking process. This savory sea salt is ideal on red meats.


An easy way to have that wonderful smoky flavor any time of year.


This premium smoked sea salt has a crisp, fruity flavor perfect for using on salads, poultry, or salmon. Also, perfect when used as a finishing salt on potatoes and vegetables.

Caravel Gourmet’s specialty salts are crafted here in the USA from exotically-sourced ingredients, so you can become the gourmet chef you’ve always wanted to be.

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