Cheese Sea Salt for Cheesemaking

Caravel Gourmet

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This all natural fine grain flakey sea salt is iodine free and contains no-additives or anti-caking agents. It is perfect for homemade cheese making or brining. Compared to traditional fine grain salt, this sea salt is extremely pure (99.95%+ NaCL) and consists of a grain crystal that is light and porous making it a great choice for absorption and dissolving. Comes in an easy to use shaker (larger sizes come in resealable bags). This product is Kosher, all natural and trusted by several large scale national commercial cheesemakers but with the rise in interest from home and hobby cheesemakers, we are making available for the first time directly to consumers. Homemade cheese varieties that you can use this cheesemaking salt on include the following but let us know if you’ve found other recipes this works well: Cheddar Parmesan Roquefort Brie Gruyere Feta Mozzarella Manchego Gorgonzola Epoisses Swiss cheese Gouda cheese Monterey Jack Muenster cheese Provolone Blue cheese Camembert Irish Cheddar Havarti Buffalo mozzarella Colby-Jack Monterey Jack Edam Ricotta Manchego Pepper jack cheese Roquefort Goat cheese Colby cheese

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