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About the product
  • PURE HIMALAYAN SALT BLEND: This intensely-flavored seasoning starts with a pure whole food - pink rock salt, mined from deep under the Himalayan mountains. We then add Gochujang Powder, a potent and delicious seasoning which balances the heat of gochugaru chile flakes with the savory notes of miso powder, salty flavor of soy sauce powder and the sweet, tangy taste of fermented black garlic.
  • A HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE: Because we use pink Himalayan salt as the base, this diet-friendly, all-natural seasoning is gluten-free, and contains no anti-clumping agents and no MSG. It is a low-FODMAP seasoning and its very low sugar content, so it’s safe for use on most diets, including Keto, Vegan, and Paleo.
  • WE START WITH ONLY THE FINEST ROCK SALT: We work with importers who we know bring in the best quality salt, and who have you, the cook, and your family in mind. We work hard to make sure that our pink Himalayan salts are only the best, then we add the purest herbs and spices to work up our delicious blends.</
  • MADE IN THE USA: The pink salt has its origins abroad, but Caravel Gourmet is proud to be based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We blend and create our products here in the USA. We are a small business with big ambitions: we want to help you be an amazing chef, who can feel good about what you put on your table, everyday.
  • FREE RECIPES: Visit our website ideas that you can easily incorporate into your daily life - quick and easy ways to use our Himalayan Salt Blends and our Infused, Smoked, and Spicy Sea Salts in your cooking.

Gochujang paste is one of the key condiments used extensively in traditional Korean cuisine. It is made by mashing together cooked soybeans, malted barley, powdered rice and pulverized chiles (often the signature gochugaru chiles so closely identified with Korean cooking) and allowing the resulting mash to ferment into a spicy red paste. Gochujang paste has been a household staple in Korea since at least the 1700s, not long after the chile pepper was introduced to Asia by the European travelers who brought chiles from South and Central America to the rest of the world. In its most traditional form, the fermentation step of gochujang manufacturing took place outdoors in covered pottery vessels.

Originally families made their own gochujang, but as food production became more centralized, gochujang became a product more easily made en masse by specialized producers than by individual households. Gochujang provides a vibrant counterpoint accentuating the grilled, stewed, preserved and stir-fried foods that form the basis of Korean cuisine. While it is often served as is, gochujang is also used as the base for other condiments and sauces like ssamjang, an onion and chile sauce served with Korean lettuce wraps called sangchussam.

Our Gochujang Powder is an authentic representation of the flavor of traditional gochujang paste. It is made from real gochugaru chile flakes and is seasoned with our red miso powder and soy sauce powder to produce real gochujang flavor in a dry form. Gochujang Powder is perfect for dry applications such as dusting cooked foods just before serving, or seasoning fried or crisp foods like French fries or kale chips.

Our story: Founded in 2007 in the Pacific Northwest, Caravel Gourmet has quickly grown from a local brand to a national favorite by giving gourmet chefs and foodies alike the flavors they need in pure, natural salts they love. With Caravel Gourmet’s specialty sea salts, your favorite foods become better, naturally.

Caravel Gourmet’s specialty salts and seasonings are crafted here in the USA from exotically-sourced ingredients, so you can become the gourmet chef you’ve always wanted to be.

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