Gourmet Porcini Sea Salt - All-Natural Sea Salt Blended with Premium Dried Porcini Mushrooms - No Gluten, No MSG, Non-GMO - Cooking and Finishing Salt - 4 oz. Stackable Jar

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Product Description

With Caravel Gourmet’s specialty sea salts, your favorite foods become better, naturally

This all-natural blend of dried porcini mushrooms and pure, unrefined sea salt has a delicious taste and earthy aroma that brings that wonderful, savory mushroom fragrance to any dish. Try it on pasta, soups, potatoes, or roasted vegetables, or even as a rub on chicken or meat. It’s the perfect balance of mushroom and salt – bringing balanced flavor to your Mediterranean and Italian dishes, or to any dish that needs a little something.

The Porcini Sea Salt advantage:

Pure sea salt contains about 80 essential elements in their natural ratio that are essential for maintaining a healthy balance of electrolytes in the body. This balance improves the transmission of information between the brain and nerve cells while mushrooms are excellent sources of unique anti oxydants including Ergothioneine and glutathione which are recognized by scientists as "master anti-oxidants" and considered to be important antiaging compounds. These compounds are found to be most abundant in porcini mushrooms.

Don't settle for plain, not-so-healthy and heavily processed table salt; Try our all natural, healthy and delicious Caravel Gourmet Porcini Sea Salt!

Enhance the Flavor of Your Foods and Your Life. Home Chefs are discovering bold new ways to prepare and present familiar and exotic foods. Natural Sea Salts have many Essential Minerals that will bring out unique flavors in your food as well as help your body assimilate nutrients more efficiently.

Caravel Gourmet’s specialty salts are crafted here in the USA from exotically-sourced ingredients, so you can become the gourmet chef you’ve always wanted to be.

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Your Favorite Food Just Got Better

With Caravel Gourmet's specialty sea salts, your favorite foods become better, naturally. Perfect for creating, cooking and finishing your favorite recipes and everyday foods - and trying something new.

Solar-Evaporated Sea Salt, Blended in the USA

Our infused sea salts all start the same way - beautiful salt from the ocean, evaporated by the sun, then blended with carefully selected, pure ingredients here in the Pacific Northwest. We make sure that we only work with the best salt providers around the world.

Free Recipe Booklet by Email

Every purchase receives a free recipe booklet by email - filled with over 30 recipes, you'll find unique and delicious ways to use your new sea salt. We want you to feel empowered to become the chef you always wanted to be.

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Delicious on french fries, steak, popcorn, and pasta A gorgeous finishing salt with activated charcoal - dramatic and daring Meticulously and naturally smoked over Pacific Northwest alderwood Infused with jalapeno, this gives dishes a natural kick of medium hot spice A perfect gift for a hostess, teacher, gourmet, foodie, or for you!
All Natural
Crafted in the USA
Known for Excellent Flavor
Prized for Adding Color
Makes an Excellent Gift
  • A MUSHROOM LOVER'S DREAM SALT: Pure, all natural sea salt and dried premium porcini mushroom give this gourmet sea salt its delicious taste and earthly aroma. Try it on pasta, soups, potatoes, fish, rice, or roasted vegetables, tomatoes, dipping oil, or even as a rub on chicken or meat. It’s the perfect balance of mushroom and salt that makes it great for Mediterranean and Italian dishes. This Sea Salt pairs perfectly with an array of herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage.
  • CLEAN, SIMPLE, DELICIOUS INGREDIENTS: This gourmet salt contains only pure ingredients: natural sea salt, and porcini mushrooms. That's it. This incredible seasoning is one of our favorites, and adds wonderful, savory flavor to any meal.
  • MORE FLAVOR, LESS SODIUM: All-Natural Sea Salts are superior to common table salt, since they contain more dynamic flavor, so you use less salt. There's no harsh bleaching, processing or anti-caking agents. Try any of our sea salts and you'll notice a big difference in flavor. And if you are watching your sodium or you're on a diet, more flavor means you can use less, and lower your overall sodium intake.
  • PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE: Our Sea Salts are unrefined and all natural. They have no preservatives and are naturally Gluten free, MSG free, non GMO, dairy free, soy free, zero calories, zero carbs, zero fat and with no anti-caking agents and sugar free. They are so delicious, that they are recommended by Chefs and Dietitians and Loved by Home Cooks.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE & FREE COOKBOOK: Caravel Gourmet is confident you'll be delighted with the quality of our products and we stand behind every single item. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, contact us so we can make it right. And when you order one of our sea salts, you'll receive a FREE digital cookbook, with 29 of our favorite recipes using these incredible salts and seasonings.