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Hot Pepper Spicy Sea Salt Combination 6-Pack

Caravel Gourmet

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Spicy food lovers, your ultimate sea salt collection has arrived!
Caravel Gourmet's sea salts give you a quick and easy way to give your foods that wonderful heat and flavor you crave. 

JALAPENO PEPPER SEA SALT: This is a fantastic blend of jalapeño and sea salt that is not too spicy. The jalapeño chili pepper is a member of the capsicum family that is pretty much the perfect amount of heat for those that like a little kick, but don’t want to burn out their taste buds. Caravel Gourmet Jalapeno Sea Salt is terrific in Mexican dishes, Thai recipes, Spanish foods, and much more.

HABANERO PEPPER SEA SALT: This fusion of habanero and salt is perfect for spicing up any meal. Use it often but sparingly to create unforgettable meals. It's great on anything from steak, potatoes, vegetables, poultry, salad to soups and sauces for cooking and finishing - or dare to rim your margarita, bloody mary and any cocktail or exotic drinks you can think of.

GHOST PEPPER SEA SALT: Not for the faint of heart! This pepper is known for extreme heat. The ghost pepper is one of the world’s hottest. Use this ghost pepper sea salt sparingly to really spice up any meal - steak, potatoes, vegetables, poultry and tacos. Just don’t use too much – we’re serious when we say this is a hot gourmet salt.

HOT CURRY SEA SALT: A spicy blend of curry and natural sea salt, this delicious seasoning enhances flavors in Indian and Thai cooking. Try it with chicken, rice, vegetables and seafood.

CAJUN SEA SALT: This blend of cajun spices and natural sea salt is perfect for taking it up a notch as a rub on meats, seafoods or veggies. Sprinkle on eggs, baked potatoes, salad, french fries, mix in with mac and cheese, and while cooking chicken or shrimp lightly dust the surface with your choice, or anything else that might benefit for some southern flare.

SPICY GARLIC SEA SALT: This spicy garlic salt brings the heat! Habanero, red pepper, and garlic combine with paprika and spices to infuse this natural sea salt with hot, spicy, buttery flavor. This isn't just garlic salt - it's garlic salt for the spicy food lover! Use it in Mexican or South American dishes, or anytime you want your garlic salt to have an extra kick.

These hot sea salts are also available individually, and some are in our Spicy Sampler and in our Spicy Sea-Salt 3-pack.

FREE BONUS COOKBOOK: Every order includes a free copy of our latest recipe book delivered digitally (via PDF) to your inbox after you order, featuring 29 of our favorite delicious recipes that showcase our award-winning salts and seasonings.

This hot, spicy sea salt 6-pack bring the heat - we're not kidding around when we say these salts are only intended for dishes that need medium to extra hot heat!

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