Smoked Bacon Chipotle & Habanero

Caravel Gourmet

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  • HOT & FLAVORFUL: Bursting with flavor, this Bacon Sea Salt is naturally smoked over Alderwood and infused with chipotle and habanero peppers. Great for people who like their BBQ spicy. Get your taste buds pleasurably burned with this HOT Smoking Flavor and Smell the the richness as you anticipate your meal cooked on a BBQ grill.
  • GREAT SEASONING: This spicy smoked sea salt will enhance the flavor of everything you enjoy bacon with; grilled meats, steaks, chicken, eggs, vegetables, sandwiches and salads. Enjoy the Hot Tasty blend that oozes out of your mouth as you cry out with smoke in your eyes.
  • ON A DISH OR AROUND THE RIM: Dare to try our spicy smoked sea salt on any steak, chicken, fish or vegetables on top of your barbeque grill. Or go bold and pair it with a cocktail as a glass rimmer with a margarita, tequila, vodka, bloody mary or other cocktails and exotic drinks you can think of for that extra spicy drink twist, around the rim on the glass. A hot concoction enjoyed in the evening but remembered the morning after.
  • ALL NATURAL AND HEALTHY: Smoked Bacon Chipotle & Habanero sea salt has no preservatives and is Gluten free, MSG free, non GMO, dairy free, soy free, zero calories, zero carbs, zero fat, no anti-caking agents and sugar free. Endorsed by Chefs and Dietitians; Loved by Home Cooks and Gourmets.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Caravel Gourmet’s specialty salts are crafted here in the USA from exotically-sourced ingredients. We have the largest collection of gourmet sea salts in the world from Gourmet Salts and Seasonings to Cocktail Salt Rimmers - We have it all. so you can become the gourmet chef you’ve always wanted to be.

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