5 Easy Ways to Use Caravel Gourmet's Smoked Garlic and Onion Sea Salt in Vegan Recipes

Great as a rub on poultry and vegetables!

Smoked Garlic & Onion Hummus.   When making hummus from scratch, use Caravel Gourmet's   Smoked Garlic & Onion Sea Salt for the salt normally used to season the hummus.   The result is a savory treat with a slight, brief kick of Smoked Garlic & Onion.

Crispy Smoked Garlic & Onion Brussels Sprouts.   Using a hot oven and a short cooking time makes Brussels Sprouts deliciously crispy.   Cut the sprouts in half and toss in olive oil and Caravel Gourmet's Smoked Garlic & Onion Sea Salt, then arrange in one level on a baking sheet.   Roast for 10 minutes, then shake the sheet to make sure everything’s getting roasted.   Roast for 5-10 more minutes - once they seem like they’re getting nice and brown and crispy - and serve right away.  

Smoked Garlic & Onion Kidney Beans.   Want a quick, easy meal in no time? Grab a can of kidney beans, stir in a teaspoon of Caravel Gourmet's   Smoked Garlic & Onion Sea Salt and some paprika, and heat in the microwave until hot - and you’ve got a protein-packed, nutritious, delicious meal.  
Smoked Garlic & Onion Avocado Toast.   Next time you whip up your favorite avocado toast and sprinkle some sea salt on it, use a flavored salt like Caravel Gourmet's   Smoked Garlic & Onion Sea Salt to add extra complexity and depth to the avocado.  

Sauteed Smoked Garlic & Onion Spinach.   An easy, no-calorie way to add flavor to nutrient-packed spinach is to sprinkle it with a bit of Caravel Gourmet's   Smoked Garlic & Onion Sea Salt while it’s sauteeing in the pan.   Season it to taste, and you can add so much flavor!


 It opens up when you cook it, releasing aromas and flavors that were hiding there, just waiting for you. It's great in sauces, on toast, on meats and poultry, and even in salads.

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