Foodie Influencers & Creators

The Salty Chef

We love working with creators and influencers to showcase our premium gourmet salts.  Creator and influencer partnerships help introduce us to new customers, explore new flavors and dishes and help tell our story.

We are currently looking for creators on Instagram and TikTok who make their own content around dynamic food and healthy flavor - whether that's recipes, videos, stories, TikTok challenges, you name it. 

If you know a creator who you think might enjoy our salt, email us at 

We have three ways we choose to work with creators:

  1. If you are a creator with a large following (25K+) and love talking about food, we are happy to send you our salt to use, enjoy (and share your feedback if you want) but there are no strings attached.  
  2. If you're inclined to share our story and salts with your followers, we have a generous affiliate program so you can earn based on sales.  
  3. If you have your own ideas for flavor profiles and believe you can move the needle through your own audience and channels, we want to chat! We offer co-brand and co-marketed solutions with your own branded salts and an opportunity for you to bring your audience behind the scenes. 

If these are of interest to you, please reach out to for more information.

We are not interested in working with eCommerce resellers, deal or coupon sites or other aggregator/websites that don't create their own content.

Thank you for your thinking of us and stay salty!