5 Easy Ways to Use Healthy Himalaya’s Seasoning Salt in Recipes

special seasonings to make a savory, slightly sweet flavor.

Seasoning Salt Roasted Potatoes.   After you’ve cut your potatoes into 1” cubes, toss them in oil and sprinkle with Healthy Himalaya’s Seasoning Salt before roasting them at 350F for 45 minutes.   

Seasoning Salt Steak. Do you know when to salt your steak? If you’re cooking tomorrow, sprinkle Healthy Himalaya’s Seasoning Salt tonight - letting the salt sit on the steak longer (up to overnight) will make the steak even better. Don’t have time? Then salt it right before you cook it (like, within 3 minutes).

Baked Seasoning Salt Kale Chips.   One of many options we have for seasoning kale chips, Healthy Himalaya’s Seasoning Salt makes kale chips that zing with Seasoning Salt y flavor.   Prep the kale as you normally would, toss with olive and the sea salt, and bake at 350F until the edges are brown.  

Seasoning Salt Avocado Toast   Next time you whip up your favorite avocado toast and sprinkle some sea salt on it, use a flavored salt like Healthy Himalaya’s Seasoning Salt to add extra complexity and depth to the avocado.

Grilled Seasoning Salt Shrimp.   Preheat your grill to medium heat, then mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of paprika, and a tablespoon of Healthy Himalaya’s Seasoning Salt.   Toss the shelled shrimp in that mixture, then grill each side of the shrimp for 2-3 minutes, until opaque.   


 This delicious seasoning starts with a pure whole food - ancient pink rock salt, mined from deep under the Himalayan mountains. We then add our proprietary blend of herbs, spices, and special seasonings to make a savory, slightly sweet flavor.

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