Hawaiian Sea Salt Combination 3-Pack-Caravel Gourmet

Hawaiian Sea Salt Combination 3-Pack

Caravel Gourmet

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The great flavors and colors of Hawaii and the Pacific, in three gorgeous sea salts.

  • HAWAIIAN RED ALAEA: The Alaea sea salt is rich in natural minerals and iron from deep red clay, mined from between layers of lava rock, purified, and then blended with Pacific sea salt for this singular, spectacular cooking and finishing salt. It's revered and renowned the world over.
  • HAWAIIAN BAMBOO JADE: This beautiful light green salt contains bamboo leaf extract, prized as a health aid in southern China for thousands of years. It has not only a delightful aroma, but an exotic flavor that is perfect with all types of Asian and Pacific Rim cuisine.
  • HAWAIIAN BLACK LAVA: This solar-evaporated sea salt is harvested from south Pacific waters. High in trace minerals, it is infused with activated charcoal, giving it both its distinctive deep black color and numerous antioxidant and health benefits. Use it as a finishing salt for foods and desserts that need texture and presentation panache.

These Hawaiian salts are also available individually and in 2-packs, as well as in a combination 3-pack; the Jade and Black Lava are available in our infused salts collection.

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